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Do you have the need to network computers in your business? More times than not, the answer to this question is "YES"! Networking computers benefits the business tremendously as it allows coworkers to share data, email, and share internet connections. With the technology boom, we now have viable and economical solutions to offer. Do you want to get connected?

Even if you already have a network, is it secure? Are you getting the speed you want out of it? Do you need to add more computers or connect to the internet? Do you need an intranet for internal use only?

Perhaps you would like a wireless solution? Contact us and we will walk through your business step by step and set a system up that best meets your business goals.

Support Contacts

Support contracts are provided to offer a contractual agreement ensuring both parties understand their responsibilities. These can be customised for your particular business.

Although the phrase is overly used in the IT market, BITS offers a genuinely unique service, this is because the support solutions used are unique, written entirely by BITS to ensure a high degree of scaleability, speed of resolution while reducing any disruptions during problem troubleshooting.

Wireless Networking

The majority of the networks we install run on wireless systems. We ensure that your system is secure and accessible across your site.