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We offer a bespoke Web Design and Hosting Service. We spcialise in SEO services and can also provide web site content management services.
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Secure Eco Data Destruction


HardDisk destroyed

This range of services has been offered to our existing customers for the last 5 - 10 years but with current security and environmental concerns we would like to offer these services nationally.

What does your business do with its old computers?

What do the businesses you do business with do with their old computers?

Do you have files to recover? Or maybe you want to ensure your old hard drive can not be used again and files securely destroyed?

BITS can offer an environmentally friendly way of 100% guaranteeing security of data from old computers and recycling of hardware.

We will never access your data unless requested to for data recovery purposes. BITS buy all branded components and then our system builders make the computers for customers individual requirements. We talk to all our customers about their needs and only then do we agree on a special computer that is tailor made for the needs of that person, business or school.

BITS offers a bespoke data destruction service as part of it's IT/ ICT retirement process. This service is designed to ensure full, irrecoverable removal or destruction of any data contained on all types of magnetic, solid state and optical storage media.

BITS understands the sensitivity of data on computer storage devices and the need for confidentiality. We offer a stringent destruction service that will:

  • Collect the storage devices from you, using in-house trained employees or secure courier.
  • Deliver your storage devices direct to our secure treatment facilities.
  • Ensure you continue to comply with the Data Protection act.
  • Provide you with a certificated reporting service at the end of the destruction process.
  • Remove the need to utilise precious in-house resources.

We offer two packages - Basic Bronze and Advanced Platinum

Hard Drive Data Destruction 'Crucial'

NetworkThere are plenty of articles in the news about data that has been recovered from old machines. In some cases council info from an old PC, phone numbers from old phones and photographs from old disks.

The only way to stop fraudsters stealing information from old computer hard drives is by destroying them completely, a study has found.

Which? Computing magazine recovered 22,000 "deleted" files from eight computers purchased on eBay.

Freely available software can be used to recover files that users think they have permanently deleted... [Read rest of article at BBC News ]

Basic Bronze - single Hard Drive £75

NetworkWe collect your equipment by courier. It is delivered directly to our secure premesis where our highly trained engineers will physically remove and dismantle the Hard Drive.

We never access your data unless requested to for recovery purposes. We remove the media to render it unreadable and unrecoverable.

HardDriveWe can if you wish return your Hard Drive media to you in a secure data package which you can then use as a handy drinks coaster or turn into an art piece either way we ensure the security of your old data.

We ensure that the remaining components of your Hard Drive are environmentally recycled.

Using our service at BITS you can ensure 100% data erasure of sensitive data within your IT assets such as Servers, PCs and HDDs. Data destruction offers advantages over physical destruction, giving a device that’s safe for second life applications such as donations, redeployment or even sale.

Advanced Platinum - multiple Hard Drives £150+

NetworkOne of our engineers picks up the equipment in person signing for the units and securing them in a sealed sack with a tag which is delivered to our secure offices.

The cost for this service is partly dependant on distance though there is a discount for multiple items.

A confidentiality agreement is signed.